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May 03, 2020

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of modern computer science technology and plays an important role in our life, health sector, education, agriculture, and many other parts. There is a lot of information around and a lot of people already engaged, but we still have a lack of communication and knowledge sharing.

AI Pool is an Artificial Intelligence platform designed for all AI specialists like data scientists, computer vision engineers, machine learning engineers, and many others. This is a place to find a group with a lot of talented people from around the world, share experience and knowledge, find solutions. It also provides many resources like models, papers, codes and repositories, articles, etc.

Community / Discussions

One of the most important features of the AI Pool platform is Discussion / Community. Facing problems and trying to find solutions is a continuous process in computer science. Knowledge and experience have a vital role in solving our real-life problems, that's why we need to share and communicate with other specialists.

AI Pool discussion feature lets you open a discussion with certain categories, design your needs and problems, put tags on it, and expect others to answer. Our platform shares the discussion across all users within the same categories and offers them to answer your questions.

The discussion topics can be very different from "How to install TensorFlow 2.0 in Ubuntu" to "How to improve the loss for segmentation problem", but all discussion topics have to be about AI or be related to AI.

You can invite others to join your discussion, vote for the question or the solutions, and earn points, which will define and show your skills on our platform.

Find and connect to your community, a group of people with the same goal, but with different experiences.

Models / Papers / Codes

One of the most important resources in research and experimental processes is predefined models and their papers. There are already a lot of models out there, which showed the best results in certain tasks. Where to find it from? How to find the paper or the code of that model? Here it is.

AI Pool Models Feature gives you an opportunity to find a lot of models built with Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, Caffe, Theano, and even Matlab.

You can find a model with different implementations with their Github repositories. Some models are defined even in the native lib of some frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras, and Pytorch. If the model has pre-trained weights, there is a way to download and use it immediately.

All codes, papers, repositories, and many other resources are shared with their authors' name and account, which is very important to keep authority rights.


We talk about knowledge sharing and transferring, but it important to know-how. The learning materials of different technologies come from lectures, video courses, and online blogging. Online blogging is one of the efficient, fast, and easy ways to share the experience using resources like text articles, infographics, charts, and images.

"Recent statistics show that every year many and many people use online blogging as one of the main learning ways in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science."

The 3-year survey results of the Kaggle website show that online blogging is growing ~15% every year, across AI specialists.

AI Pool gives the ability to write about your experience, describe the solutions you give, share the results, and many others by using the Articles page tool.

Each article must be from certain categories and contain some tags, which describe the topic and the solutions. You can share your article with your friends, employees, and many others, to spread your experience, your solutions, and your codes.

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