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Your experience is valuable for others. Share your knowledge and win a prize for "Best Article of the Month" or "Best Article of the Week"
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May 20, 2020


  AI Pool platform starts its journey to bring best practice and knowledge from talented specialists in Artificial Intelligence technology. Started from the May of 2020 AI Pool will organize weekly or monthly contests for "Best Article of the Month" and "Best Article of the Week". If you have experience and knowledge in AI technology or other technologies related to it, share it in our platform by creating an article, find a network, join the community, and win the prize.

What is the Prize?

Each time the prize will be different, but each time period will have a range.

  • 50$ - 200$ for "Best Article of the Week"
  • 100$ - 300$ for "Best Article of the Month"

How to Join the Contest?

It's just simple, Open an Account in the AI Pool platform, go to the Articles page, and Create a New Article. We encourage everybody to join, share their knowledge, win prizes. It will help to grow and improve the technology, create a network, and communicate with others. Help others to solve problems easier.
By creating articles you raise your popularity and also collect some points, which will show the position on the leaderboard of AI Pool (still on the process).

Rules of the Contest

Before joining the competition, read the rules of the contest carefully (it can be modified in the future).

  1. The content should be only about AI or related topics to it.
  2. Each article should contain at least 1500 words
  3. Each article should have at least 20 votes for "Best Article of the Week" and at least 50 votes for "Best Article of the Month"

How Are You Going to Get the Prize?

Each contestant should have a Paypal account because AI Pool uses Paypal as the only payment method for now to send you your prize.

The profile should have an email, which is registered in the Paypal account and AI Pool will use that email to send the prize.

How To Win?

Here are some tips, how to gain your chances to win the contest each time.

  1. One of the most important factors is to bring valuable and useful content. If your content is great and unique, you are going to have a lot of votes and views, which has a straight effect on your chances to win.
  2. Don't be too long or too short. The statistics show that users read ~2000 words in online blog posts. Try to use this information to show your best.
  3. One of the effective ways to gain chances to win is sharing on social media accounts. Use your friends' network, share your article, and ask them to vote for you.
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