Pier Paolo Ippolito

MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft Student Partner
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Nov 09, 2019


  The field of artificial intelligence wouldn't be so popular without contributors like Pier Paolo Ippolito. He entered this field even at the early stage of education.
Being a student at the University of Southampton, he started to participate in Kaggle competitions, where every data scientist gets one of the biggest experiences of understanding insights, solving real-life problems and getting to know other specialists from different fields.
One of the strong efficiency of his contribution is being an AI Blogger, writing a lot of articles on different platforms like Github, Towards To Data Science, Personal Blog, Linkedin, etc. 


     Master of Science at the University of Southampton. MSc in Artificial Intelligence

     Bachelor of Engineering at the University of SouthamptonBEng in Electronic Engineering


  • Microsoft Student Partner.
    He is a Microsoft Ambassador at the University of Southampton.
    As part of this role, He organizes and presents Workshops and Hackathons events using Microsoft Azure technologies.
  • Editor and Top Writer in Artificial Intelligence
    Towards to Data Science.
    He frequently published articles about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Programming. 
    The articles received so far thousands of views worldwide.
  • Kaggle Contributor.
    4 Competitions. Kaggle Account

Being an AI Blogger is a big contribution to the field and for the community, we've got. We encourage everybody to share their knowledge and experience, write or tell about it here in AI Pool or somewhere else. Pier is one of these specialists, who is willing to share, improve and push the boundaries.

Licenses and Certificates

  1. Deep Learning and Data Analysis in Azure
  2. Facebook London Analytics Academy
  3. J.P. Morgan Introduction to Big Data Analytics using Spark and Python
    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  4. BMC (Bloomberg Markets Concepts)
    Bloomberg LP
  5. Macquarie Technology Spotlight
    Macquarie Group
  6. Intel Buzz London Workshop
    Intel Corporation

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