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Difference between HOG and CNN detectors of Dlib

I'm using face detector of dlib and saw it has 2 different versions: HOG and CNN. first runs on cpu and the second on gpu.
Is there anything else? which one is better for which cases?

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Dlib HOG


  1. 1st call loads fastly
  2. when images are small, it runs as faster as cnn version


  1. Runs ~2.7 times slower
  2. It's not as accurate as CNN version
  3. It's sensetive by resize actions

Dlib CNN


  1. It's more accurate
  2. It's rebust and stable
  3. Can handele multiple executions
  4. ~2.7 times faster then HOG version


  1. Images should be resized to fit in the gpu
  2. 1st load is slow
  3. Can raise out of memory when gpu has not enough memory
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