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How can I cluster images?

I've got a lot of images for every user.
I want to separate it into subgroups and thought about clustering.

How can I do image clustering?

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Very simple. If your images are small and the dimention is not too big,
you can consider your image as a point of n-dim space, and cluster them all.
But if your images are big, you have to change your approach.

So it will work something like this:

  1. Choose a model, which has pre-trained version (lets say VGG, ResNet etc.)
  2. Take your images and pre-process them for chosen model
  3. Choose a layer of the model for feature extraction
  4. Feed the images and collect all feature vectors
  5. Run any clustering algorithm (K-means, DBSCAN, etc) on those vectors

An here it is. You clustered your images. By the way, if you do these steps, you are going to have a nice clusterization, because trained networks will let you separate them by semantics and by content.

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