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How to get a matting trimap?

I'm trying to use a matting model, but most of them require the trimap as an input.
How to avoid it? or is there a way to get trimap from images?

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First, you need to decide which model fits better with your needs. There are matting models, which don't require trimap during inference, but if you have to choose a model, which requires trimap at the input, you can do the following.

  • If you don't have segmented masks as well, run another segmentation model and get segmentation the masks (of course you gonna have quality drops)
  • After It, you can get trimap by using the binary maps

There are different ways to get trimap from the binary mask. Here are a couple of them

  1. Use 2D dilation (sometimes randomly) and defined 3 different areas.
    B - the whole image, without the binary mask after dilation
    F - the part which was the foreground, before dilation
    U - which is the part between background and foreground, after dilation
    B, F, and U are the 3 different classes of trimap

  2. Or if you have a mask, which is not a binary mask (for example output of any network), you can define 3 areas the following way
    B - where values are exactly 0
    F - where values are exactly 1
    U - where values are from (0, 1)

You are going to have something like this

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