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There is a very known python package called pandas, which is a CSV module and has a lot of functionalities like reading and writing CSV files. Here are some simple examples of how to read the CSV file.

import pandas as pd

# short example fo python read csv file
data = pd.read_csv('my_file.csv')


#0  John Doe   120   jefferson st.    Riverside   NJ   08075
#1  Jack McGinnis   220   hobo Av.  Phila   PA    9119
#2  John "Da Man"  Repici   120   Jefferson St.    Riverside   NJ    8075
#3  Stephen Tyler   7452   Terrace "At the Plaza" road  SomeTown   SD   91234

If your CSV file contains headers with the names, you can get them separately, read only the values of those columns, or combine each row with its field name.

Index(['John', 'Doe', '120 jefferson st.', 'Riverside', ' NJ', ' 08075'], dtype='object')

array([['Jack', 'McGinnis', '220 hobo Av.', 'Phila', ' PA', 9119],
       ['John "Da Man"', 'Repici', '120 Jefferson St.', 'Riverside',' NJ', 8075],
       ['Stephen', 'Tyler', '7452 Terrace "At the Plaza" road','SomeTown', 'SD', 91234],
       ['Joan "the bone", Anne', 'Jet', '9th, at Terrace plc','Desert City', 'CO', 123]], dtype=object)

data.items() function will return a generator for pair-by-pair combination and you can use any loop iterator on it to get the field and values from the data frame.


Hi you can read it using pandas.read_csv() or using csv library's csv.reader()

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