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How to split the array for every batch?

Could you provide a python solutions for how I can split my dataset array (for example the list of training images paths)?

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Maybe you could try this function.

from sklearn.utils import shuffle

def batch_data(data_X, data_Y, batch_size=256):
    :param data_X: source data of training set, type: list
    :param data_Y: the label to the source data, type: list
    :param batch_size: 256, type: int
    :return: x_batch, y_batch
    # before, you'd better do shuffle
    shuffled_X, shuffled_Y = shuffle(data_X, data_Y)
    for idx in range(len(shuffled_X) // batch_size):
        x_batch = shuffled_X[batch_size * idx: batch_size * (idx + 1)]
        y_batch = shuffled_Y[batch_size * idx: batch_size * (idx + 1)]

        yield x_batch, y_batch

If you need to split your array for every batch, just call this function in your epoch loop.

def mini_batch(array, batch_size=10):
    array = np.array(array)

    if not array.shape[0] or not batch_size:
        return np.array([])

    for start_idx in range(0, array.shape[0] - batch_size + 1, batch_size):
        excerpt = slice(start_idx, start_idx + batch_size)
        yield array[excerpt]

    if array.shape[0] % batch_size != 0:
        yield array[-(array.shape[0] % batch_size):]
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