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Install caffe2 with python3

I'm trying to install caffe2, but can't find a proper way to do it with python3. I always get

ImportError: No module named caffe2

There is not a prebuilt version and pip does not work for it. I don't want to use conda. What is the right way to install caffe2 with python3?

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You can build it from source, by downloading the scripts from the repositiry of pytorch, cause now it's a part of pytorch repository. https://caffe2.ai/docs/getting-started.html?&platform=mac&configuration=compile

Follow all steps to install and build the project and make sure you updated library path for your python, like

export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/path/pytorch/build

You can put this in your bash profile as well to make it globally for all sessions. The important part is /pytorch/build contains caffe2 folder and built libraries of caffe2 are stored there.

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