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Module 'tensorboard.util' has no attribute 'persistent op evaluator'

I just installed my tensorboard, but now I get this error when I try to run something.

AttributeError: module 'tensorboard.util' has no attribute 'PersistentOpEvaluator'
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2 Answers

If you have installed tf-nightly in the same place, then you might have something like this. install tensorboard with sepcific version or you can do:

  1. pip uninstall tensorbaord
  2. pip install tensorbaord==1.12

I got this issue as well, but removing and reinstalling it helped me. I recommend to do this simple steps

  1. pip uninstall tensorflow
  2. pip uninstall tensorflow-gpu
  3. pip uninstall tensorboard
  4. Make sure you removed all files and folders of these packages
  5. Reinstall tensorflow, tensorflow-gpu and tensorboard again
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