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Module 'tensorboard.util' has no attribute 'Retrier'

I upgraded my TensorFlow to 1.13, upgraded Cuda from 9 -> 10 also had to upgrade Tensorboard. All processes went well, but now I've got an issue like this 

AttributeError: module 'tensorboard.util' has no attribute 'Retrier'

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You can do the following steps

  1. pip uninstall tensorflow
  2. pip uninstall tensorboard 
  3. Make sure they are removed completely from all sources
  4. clean the caches (pip or conda)
  5. Reinstall tensorflow and tensorboard again (the version you prefer)

This is an actual issue opened in repository, you can follow it and get new updates. https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorboard/issues/2019


I think you need to uninstall and reinstall tensorboard again. Be sure you uninstall tensorflow-tensorboard and tensorboard 

pip uninstall tensorboard
pip uninstall tensorflow-tensorboard

pip install tensorboard
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