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Nvidia Jetson Nano prerformace problem


What is your experience about Nvidia Jetson Nano performance? Do you think it is correct with official data in nvidia datasheet?

We are trying to detect people in video recordings and we can't reach those parameters. We are able to analize video with YOLO Tiny algorithm with only 1 fps.  
We've also tried the same algorithm with Jetson TX2 and it's almost the same result. 

What do you thik about it? Are we not able to set up our script correctly or it can be the Jetson Nano issue?

Do you have any similar expierience in working with those microcomputers? Or mayby do you have some ideas how to improve our results.?

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Have you tried any other models for people detection? If you are only trying to detect people, then you will find a lot of models for it, the only problem is their performance, cause you want to run it for live videos.


Honestly, I don't know a model which will work with Nano, but you can also try Face++ which has a lot of features (detects lendmarks, face, pose, person etc..). Its not free, if I'm not mistaken.


We are also trying opne pose model but it is not even launching on Nano. Do you know any model which shuld go on nano? 

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