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Uninstall Tensorflow by Anaconda on Windows

I've got a Windows PC and can't find out how they installed Tensorflow on it. I assumed they have used pip, but after calling uninstall TensorFlow, it didn't change anything.

Should I use the anaconda for removing?
What if I call? I thought to do something like it.

rm -rf anaconda_folder

Can you suggest a list of commands for anaconda TensorFlow or uninstalling the packages from Windows PC completely?

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If you are using the anaconda, just call "conda remove" to remove it from the anaconda environment.

If you need a complete list, just take a look at this

1. pip uninstall tensorflow # you can use --user flag too
2. pip uninstall tensorflow-gpu
3. conda remove tensorflow

# after this check if it exists on the list of pip packages
4. pip show tensorflow

Also, you can check versions of Tensorflow to make sure all variations are removed.

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