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What is the best language for machine learning?

I started to learn machine learning and deep learning couple of months ago and would like to know what is the best language for machine learning? 
Why do we need to choose that language?

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There are couple of options for choosing a programming language for machine learning,
but every language has its advantages, disadvantages and use cases.

Here is the list of them

  1. R
  2. C++
  3. Object C or C# (very small cases)
  4. Javascript (Would not recommend)
  5. Python (Tottaly recommend)

I would recommend you to use python and here is why

  1. Easy to learn, to use and it works for all OS
  2. Big community, big contribution
  3. Modern frameworks tensorflow, pytorch, keras, sklearn etc. are in python
  4. Has A lot of packages and libs for visualizations and optimizations

Even if you've got other hardware and it's not easy to run a python script on it, you can convert your models writen in python into another language (C++).

For example tensorflow has tensorflow lite library to run your models on mobile devices.

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